Sound for Change Live London

Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Florence & The Machine headlined a four-hour charity concert Sound of Change Live to raise money for women’s health and education projects around the world.

The concert, organized by the Chime for Change campaign founded by Italy fashion house Gucci, will fund 120 projects in more than 70 nations.

“Our goal is to have a great time together while we unite and strengthen the voices of girls and women around the world,” Beyoncé said in a statement.

Chime for Change presents a global concert to put girls’ and women’s issues on the world’s stage. Millions of people will join The Sound of Change Live, to promote education, health, and justice for girls and women everywhere. 

So this huge snub and ‘friendly f-ck you’ to all men everywhere had a great line up of acts apart from Florence and the Machine which I cannot stand. Whilst I see what they are trying to achieve with this fundraiser, -particularly in some countries in the third world where women are deemed virtually worthless- it would’ve been better to promote health and education for BOTH sexes not just females. These moronic and ignorant men who do not allow women to do anything in -mostly- the third world need educating urgently.

As for health, I don’t see much difference between a starving and illiterate 7 year old girl, or boy.

More men get attacked, -by both sexes, but mostly other men- worldwide, than women. Men’s suicide rates and general mortality rates are higher than women’s worldwide.

These are facts. It would be great if we could address these huge discrepancies at the same time.

Men’s health issues are not ‘fashionable’ at present and our general inability or wish to complain about these things do not help either. More education is needed with BOTH sexes.


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Madonna speaks on stage at "Sound Of Change" at Twickenham Stadium. © Joe Alvarez

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