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The DAFTAS Short Spoof Film Awards Launched in London

The DAFTAS short spoof film awards launched in London on Wednesday night in London. The awards are founded by a London-based publisher and model Tamara Orlova-Alvarez in honour of her late partner Joe Alvarez – a renowned celebrity photographer and socialite who passed away from cancer in October 2019.

The DAFTAS 2020 trophies

The DAFTAS 2020 trophies

The DAFTAS is a nod to BAFTAS, celebrating short spoofs of BAFTA-nominated films. Up to seven minutes long, shot in one day and on a shoestring budget of just £200.

The DAFTAS judges

With celebrated judges including actor Karen Bryson MBE, the award-winning director Tom Lawes, fashion designer Olga Roh, film financier Adam Ziff, and renowned photojournalist Matthew Myatt, the ceremony attracted filmmakers and TV personalities alike.

DAFTAS founder Tamara Orlova Alvarez (L) with judges (L-R) Adam Ziff, Tom Lawes, Karen Bryson

The DAFTAS founder Tamara Orlova Alvarez (L) with judges (L-R) Adam Ziff, Tom Lawes, Karen Bryson

The DAFTAS draw their inspiration from the quintessential British humour

The DAFTAS “draw their inspiration from the quintessential British humour and aim to support filmmakers and actors on their creative paths,” according to the founder Tamara Orlova-Alvarez. “With three films entering the competition in its first year, the awards have attracted those eager to experiment but also those wanting to lend their expertise to other ambitious and vision-driven pros.” The founder added: “Above all, the DAFTAS is for filmmakers who love the challenge and enjoy having fun in the process.”

The founder continued, “We are honoured to be sponsored by the British Association of Journalists (BAJ Union) and have Ikon London Magazine as our media partner. We hope to continue our collaborations while also having fun and celebrating comedy.”

And ‘have fun’ they did. With the titles ‘Once Upon a Time in Peckham’, ‘The Fetishman’, and ‘Rocketman: In Treatment’ shown on the big screen – the laughter was in no short supply. While the host of the night – comedian Ruairi McInerney – set the atmosphere with, what seemed like, an unlimited supply of improv gags.

The big winner of the night was “The Fetishman”. It won 5 awards: Best Costume Design, Best Cinematography (Mark Haldor, Monika Miles, Tyler Winchcombe, Gavin Fowler), Best Male Actor (Darren Charman for his portrayal of Scorsese) and Best Female Actor (Emelle Smith for her portrayal of Carrie, Pachino, and Joker).

Once Upon a Time in Peckham, co-directed by Phil Lewis and Nuakai Aru, scooped two awards – Best Original Music (Nikolai Orlov, Andy Pages) and Best Editing (Nuakai Aru).

The Fetishman team collects their trophy for The Best Film

The Fetishman team collect their trophy for The Best Film

“It was great to see the diversity of approaches to the task,” said Tamara. “Some went for a very crude comedy feel – think SNL, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and James Corden inspired sketches, while others went all-in for the cinematic look. I must say, all of them managed to make us laugh and I’m glad I didn’t have to be in the position of a judge – deciding the winners.”

With acting talent ranging from aspiring to seasoned performers, the teams were allocated together by the luck of the draw. “It was great to see how all the team members pulled together to make the best of their skill sets. And the same goes for the camera crews,” said the founder. She continued “I hope that the connections made here will last the test of time. In fact, I’ve heard that some participants have already shot another short project together.”

The producer of Joker and The Irishman, Emma Tillinger Koskoff, when learned about the DAFTAS at the Critics’ Circle Awards, exclaimed: “That’s hysterical! Congratulations! And let’s hope it bodes well to our success [at BAFTAS].”

The full list of the DAFTAS winners

  • The Best Costume: The Fetishman
  • The Best Original Music: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Nikolai Orlov, Andy Pages
  • The Best Cinematography: The Fetishman (Mark Haldor, Monika Miles, Tyler Winchcombe, Gavin Fowler)
  • The Best Editing: Once Upon a Time in Peckham (Nuakai Aru)
  • The Best Female Actor: Emelle Smith in The Fetishman (Carrie, Pacino, Joker)
  • The Best Male Actor: Darren Charman in The Fetishman (Scorsese)
  • The Best Film: The Fetishman

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