Beach Cinema in Cannes to Host F9 Premiere

The Cannes Film Festival is not only for the industry and wannabes, but also for cinephiles of all kind. Any avid cinema fan under 28 years of age is encouraged to apply for three-day cinephile passes that will allow them to watch films in and outside  of competition for free.

Not just that, but Cannes beach cinema offers a wide variety of films for every taste – from old cinema classics to latest premieres – all entirely for FREE.

Cinema De La Plage Cannes Film Festival

Cinema De La Plage Cannes Film Festival © Tamara Orlova



For the return of the Festival in Cannes and of film in our hearts, Universal Studios is offering the Cannes audience a magnificent gift and one of the highlights of the summer: opus 9 of the motorised saga, screened in avant-première in France prior to its release on July 14. Vin Diesel and his band, the family, harrowing stunts and crazy car chases.

On the 12th of May, the beach cinema  Cinema De La Plage will host a European premiere of Fast and Furious 9. And should the rain spoil the moment, Cannes Film Festival organisers have locked 13th as a ‘rain check day’. Meaning it will be screened the following day in the event of rain.

Dame Helen Mirren – one of the cast of the F9 – coincidentally happens to be in Cannes as L’Oréal Ambassador and there is hope that the star will introduce the film to the die-hard fans of the sequel.

Among other titles are JFK (Director’s Cut) by Oliver Stone (1991), Lovers Rock by Steve McQueen (2020 Cannes Official Selection), Amélie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (2001), David Byrne’s American Utopia by Spike Lee (2020).

And for the Bastille Day on the 14th of July, the spectators will be treated to the Fireworks put on by the City Hall of Cannes. 


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Cinema De La Plage Cannes Film Festival

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