Eva Longoria Global Gift Gala

Eva Longoria was in great shape -No, she’s not fat stop it- at the Noble Gift Gala. Hosting the event, Eva told me how happy she was to be there and very grateful for the amazing turn out. The event is a fundraiser for a group of charities including Eva’s own ‘The Eva Longoria Foundation’ who helps ‘Latina’ women empower themselves.

The Foundation claims: ‘Latinas in the U.S. are a rapidly growing group with extraordinary potential, yet they disproportionately lack educational opportunities and face economic challenges: 27% of Latinas live below the poverty line, 17% of Latinas drop out of high school, Only 15% of adult Latinas hold college degrees. Despite these discouraging statistics, we are optimistic about the future. Ambitious and hardworking, Latinas are one of the nation’s greatest untapped resources: 80% of Latina teens in the U.S. aspire to go to college, Latinas start businesses at six times the national rate’. 

‘Our vision is to empower Latinas to reach their potential through education and entrepreneurship. The Eva Longoria Foundation supports programs which help Latinas excel in school and attend college. Additionally, we work to provide Latina entrepreneurs with career training, mentorship, capital and opportunity. By investing in Latinas, we hope to build a stronger future for our country.

Whilst the aims are undoubtably admirable and Eva’s heart is in the right place, there are some points that need dissecting. The Foundation ONLY helps Latinas. So if you’re a female US citizen of any other ‘background’ and in difficulties, you’re stuffed presumably. The door will say ‘Cerrado’.  The stats may look alarming, but they are not really. It says 80% of Latinas aspire to go to college. So does every other race. To dream is free. ‘Latinas start businesses at six times the national rate’ -as cleaners and childminders mostly-  nothing wrong in that, so if that stat is correct why do they need such help? They also claim -and it sounds about right to me- that 60% of the US population will be of latin decent in 40 years. If that is the case, will they then have a charity for underprivileged non Latinos?

My only problem with the Foundation and other hundred similar ones is the apartheid. It is the splitting of race, gender, background. You cannot ‘complain’ about one kind of apartheid and then implement another one! So let me help speed things out here. To empower Latinas -I hate that term! There is no country called Latin- women, -or any other ‘race’- simple steps must be followed. Learn the national language of the host country, in this case, English.

The vast majority of Latina/Latino underperforming is due to poor english. That is a fact. Latinos tend to form ghettos, exacerbated by the poor language skills, bad education and sheer laziness, it has to be said. Yes, many work hard, I mean laziness learning the host language -so important- and integrating. One ‘feeds’ the other. So this merry-go-

round of doom needs to be addressed. So ladies, -and gents- empower yourself. Very difficult to do when the mainstream don’t understand anything you’re saying. That aside, it was a great night loads of celebs and the champagne was flowing all night and the other beneficiaries Fight For Life -children’s cancer charity- and Caudwell Children did well.

Sylvie Van Der Vaart and Eva Longoria at the Global Gift Gala © Joe Alvarez

Eva Longoria, Sylvie Van Der Vaart

Noble Gift Gala London. -¬ Joe Alvarez 24009Noble Gift Gala London. -¬ Joe Alvarez 24047

Will.i.am & Lizze Cundy, Mel B & Nick Ede

Noble Gift Gala London. -¬ Joe Alvarez 24028Noble Gift Gala London. -¬ Joe Alvarez 24030

Ashley Roberts

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Will.I.Am at the Global Gift Gala November 2012 © Joe Alvarez

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