Film Review: The Boss

The Boss is absolutely hilarious, I cannot stress that enough. Written by Ben Falcone, Melissa’s husband, and starring the comical genius that is Melissa Mcarthy, this film will have you rolling in the isles.

Melissa plays a titan of her industry, Michelle Darnel, a bossy, sassy, relentless woman who ends up in jail for insider trading and loses everything, including the loyalties of her colleagues, who were happy when the witch was gone.

Coming from a difficult childhood, Michelle trusts no one and has no family to turn to in what is to become one of her biggest challenges in life since her success, starting again.

With no one and nowhere to go she contacts the executor of her estate, her former assistant Claire played by the lovely Kristen Bell, who lives alone with her daughter Rachel played by Ella Anderson.

Realising that Michelle is alone Rachel suggests that she should stay with them and mum, Claire reluctantly agrees knowing how this challenging woman can be.

Without giving too much of the story away, the love of a family is a powerful thing. Turning her life around Michelle completely changes and reinvents herself and in doing so finds true happiness. But will that be with ex-love interest Renault, played by Peter Dinklage?

Again I say, this has got to be one of Melissa Mcarthy’s funniest films ever and I didn’t think that was possible after The Heat and Bridesmaids.

I know that is a big statement when there have been some very funny women out there, past and present – Lucille Ball, Joan Rivers, Betty White,Tina Fay, Rebel Wilson and even Sarah Silverman just to name a few, but at some stage there comes along someone who steals the title and that is Melissa Mcarthy.

It is so nice to also see Melissa play a glamorous character because she is stunning and is a fantastic role model for larger women, including myself.

This husband and wife team are a formidable duo. Having written and also directed Tammy, Ben clearly knows his stuff and he knows how to write for his gorgeous, funny wife. While Melissa is just a comedic Goddess who turns everything she touches into gold.

I really hope we get to see more of this team writing and acting together. The scenes where they appear together (in every film they do) will have you in stitches. They’re charismatic together.

The supporting cast just put the cherry on top of the cake, Kristen and Ella also give hilarious performances.

This film is an absolute comical masterpiece and I definitely give it a big thumbs up 5/5. A must see film. The Boss will be in cinemas as of the 10th June. Whatever you do, don’t miss it.