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Danish jewellery designer Julie Sandlau grew up in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Having her mum and aunt running a fashion store together, Julie naturally learned the essentials of being independent. Regularly Julie and her cousin delivered homemade accessories to their mum’s store and as the two cousins grew older their work changed from creating accessory to designing jewellery. For Julie that was the beginning of a so far very successful career. 

From Law School And Airplanes To Jewelleries And Business Administration

But at the time Julie began on her jewelleries she was actually studying at a Danish law school. “I find the profession extremely interesting but I also felt the absence of the possibility of being creative and innovative” Julie explained, “so I never stopped experimenting with my jewelleries”.

In 2001 Julie met her husband Dennis Jacobsen. Dennis worked as a pilot and it was love at first sight. But the same year as Julie and Dennis met a tragedy struck. It was the 9/11 disaster, and because of the tragedy Dennis lost an important job opportunity. Against all expectations the lost job opportunity actually turned out to be a really good thing for Julie and Dennis. Dennis decided to quit his job as a pilot and ask his beloved wife what her opinion of building a jewellery company together would be. Julie instantly liked the idea and the jewellery company Julie Sandlau was born. 

When we asked Julie if she felt just a tiny bit of fear throwing herself and her husband on a whole new career path she instantly responded with a short and precise “no”. The inspiring fearlessness behind her response established what we already imagined; Julie Sandlau is a very brave woman.

But besides being a woman of courage Julie is also in charge of the creative process in the company while “Dennis is the boring one” taking care of the business administration etc., Julie told Eurowoman in interview about Power Couples from 2012. 

“Even though I’m not as aware of the trends as many young jewellery designers are, I still have to follow some of the trends and go with the flow. I can’t sell a purple collection if purple isn’t what the costumers want in that particular season,” Julie explained “but I always make sure to keep the style of my jewelleries timeless and classic, that’s my DNA. I follow my heart.”

Opening Of A New Store 

Today on the 8th of October a new Julie Sandlau store opened in the City of Smile, Aarhus, Denmark. Julie drove her car all the way from her home in Copenhagen to the new store in Aarhus to be there for the launch event. IKON was there to meet her for a little chat. Unfortunately her better half, Dennis Jacobsen, wasn’t present at the event, since he was in London doing business. Wonder if it was real estate business he was doing… Let’s hope so. 

Though London still doesn’t have a Julie Sandlau concept store many retailors as Urban Amour, Tzefira and Alexandrov do sell the beautiful jewelleries and they’re not the only ones. Julie Sandlau jewelleries are particularly popular in, of course, Denmark but also in Norway and Japan, Julie told. The requests have let to a success so big, that Julie and her husband now owns their

own factory in Hanoi, Vietnam where the production happens. But jewellery production isn’t the only thing Julie and Dennis make sure happens in Vietnam. 

Making A Difference Because You Can

Since opening the factory in Hanoi Julie and Dennis has been seriously involved in charity. “I feel like it’s my duty to do something. To give back. Because I can.”

Julie Sandlau’s charity project is a collaboration between the jewellery company and a fond called Choice Foundation. The project helps exposed children getting a new chance through education. Each year the project makes sure that 100 children with miserable backgrounds get an education and if you buy a charity bracelet the whole amount will go directly to the project. Tap the link below to buy your own charity bracelet and support the children in Vietnam. 

We recommend you to check out her newest collections Finesse and Blossom on the website:

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