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Kill Kane Film Review

Kill Kane is small British independent film starring Vinnie Jones, Sean Cronin and Nicole Faraday. Written and directed by Adam Stephen Kelly, better known for a Cannes Short Film favourite Done In (2014). Kill Kane is Kelly’s first attempt at a feature film and he is only 24.

Shown at the BAFTA’s Piccadilly, London the screening was a star-studded affair with the cast and a host of celebrities coming out in support of this film.

One of those wrong place wrong time plot lines, teacher Ray Brooks (Jones) gets lost with his wife (Faraday), unfortunately, he witnesses an execution by gangsters Frank Noonan (Dan Richardson), Kane (Cronin) and their crew – regrettably, they saw him too.

When they find Brooks they kill his family and leave him for dead, although they could not have imagined what would come for them. After waking up from a three-month coma and with no one to trust Brooks sets out to get revenge.

Supporting cast Sebastian Street plays the detective in charge of the case D.I Shelby, Sarah Marks plays Victoria Brooks Ray’s daughter, Son Max Brooks is played by Michael Baily, Nicole Faraday is Ray’s wife Kim. Benjamin Way plays Billy Malone a druggie and member of Frank’s (Richardson)crew, Conor Boru plays psychopath Connor O’Brien another good actor to watch out for a possible Tom Hardy in the making.

So you might be thinking just another British gangster flick but this little beauty is definitely a masterpiece in its own right. Made on a minuscule budget and filmed in nine days this film has everything you love about these small films – great cast, well written and directed. There’s some action, a little comedy, great performances with characters you love and love to hate.

Kelly and the cast have all spoke about how hard Cronin worked in helping to put the screening together and you can tell by Cronin’s performance that this film is important to him. Better known for his appearances in James Bond, The World is Not Enough, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets, Hackney’s Finest, The CallBack Queen, and Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation just to name a few, Cronin is also a director in his own right. An Unfortunate Woman, a film based on the true events of a mother who killed her disabled son won an award for Best Narrative Short Story from the Mosaic World Film Festival.

It was great to see Vinnie back on screen and the supporting cast were amazing, but for me super villain Cronin stole the show.

So should you see it, yes. Don’t get me wrong it is a low budget film so has a low-ish budget feel, but let’s forget all that and remember what makes it a cracking little film like it was shot in nine days, it has a great cast of seasoned British actors and director that at the tender age of 24 has already taken Cannes Film Festival by storm. There are big things ahead for this young man.