The Revenant Film Review

[usr 5]

Inspired by true events The Revenant is definitely an epic tale of survival. Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio), a legendary American frontiersman takes a hunting expedition into the unchartered treacherous American wilderness where he will face the toughest fight of his life.

After a bear attack Glass is betrayed, bereft and left for dead by his colleague John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). As a result Glass’s extraordinary courage, will and determination sees him battle to find his way back, navigating through a harsh winter terrain, guided only by the love of his family and the desire to get revenge.

Glass experiences unimaginable challenges and shows just how powerful the human spirit can be when faced with the need to survive.

Directed by Alejandro G Iñárritu The Revenant is a beautiful, violent and brutal story told in a fantastically visual experience. With long periods of no dialogue Alejandro has managed to still capture the action and viciousness of Glass’s predicament without the audience being bored.

Like nothing I have ever seen – the cinematography offers a close up to the brutality from the opening scene.

This film is a visual masterpiece – unlike what we are used to. Every scene is so close that you feel like you’re there. Instead of the wider picture of the battle, each shot is an individual, beautifully choreographed, fierce fight for survival.

Shot so close to the action you can see the breath on the lens making it all feel so real that one cannot help but be immersed in the story.

The film has already received a lot of recognition and admiration from the film industry picking up three Golden Globes – Best Dramatic Film, Best Director and Best Actor for DiCaprio.

It has also received a staggering twelve Oscar nominations including Best Director, Best Actor and Best Picture. Hardy has also received a nomination for Best Supporting actor for his role as Fitzgerald but denies that he will be conflicted come award night with Mad Max: Fury Road also being nominated for Best Picture, a film Hardy had a starring role in.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy offer electric performances in what can only be described as the performance of their careers in a film that will surely go down cinema history.

Supporting cast co-star Domhnall Gleeson, who plays Captain Andrew Henry, has also had roles in multiple Oscar-nominated films – as well as starring in The Revenant, Gleeson has had key parts in Ex Machina, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Brooklyn.

This film is a definite masterpiece and deserves every award and nomination it receives. It is a gripping drama and terrifying to watch – edge of your seat kind of film. It is genuinely breathtakingly beautiful and well worth watching.

This film is a definite 5/5 a big thumbs up and standing ovation.