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La La Land World Premiere at the 73rd Venice Film Festival

Director Damien Chazelle and Emma Stone attended the world-premiere of Chazelle’s his much loved by critics musical “La La Land” at the 73rd Venice Film Festival on an opening day.

Critics, about the La La Land film

At the opening press screening journalists burst into spontaneous applause after the film’s first scene, a spectacular song-and-dance number staged in a morning traffic jam on a Los Angeles freeway. Film critic Owen Gleiberman, in his review, called it “one of the most extraordinary sequences in years…[with] a ‘gotta see’ factor that could help to turn ‘La La Land’ into a prestige novelty hit.”

It’s an unapologetically romantic homage to classic movie musicals, splashing its poster-paint energy and dream-chasing optimism on the screen. 

“‘La La Land’ makes your heart beater faster and gives you a smile, which very few festival movies do these days,” said Karlovy Vary artistic director Karel Och. He added that the movie “is about Hollywood, the film industry, and America,” and predicted a strongly positive reaction for the movie in the U.S.

La La Land Premiere

The stars including Sam Mendes, Gemma Arterton, Emma Stone, Bianca Balti, among others, paraded down the red carpet after which they were joined by acclaimed film director Jerzy Skolimowski, who was awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards on the opening night.