La Perla Selfridges Swimwear 2017 Collection Launch

Buying La Perla ‘rubbles’ back in 2013, when Silvio Scaglia acquired the loss-making company for €60 million at the court auction, the businessman commented: “We will make La Perla a great international brand for beauty and feminine luxury.” And so he did in only couple of years’ time. Back then, Scaglia has not only saved about 800 jobs in Italy alone but also brought new hope to the employees. Today, La Perla has ‘climbed back’ and is confident in expanding its range. Ikon London Magazine spoke to Debora Ramos at the Selfridges Swimwear launch.

Debora is the Training and Development Manager for La Perla who grew through the ranks starting from the sales staff. Debora recalled: “When I met Silvio, I was so inspired. I realised that this person is passionate about the brand.” She continued: “Mr Scaglia is a very hands-on owner and plays an active role in the decision-making. He is not one of those owners who just acquire companies as assets, never to be seen again. On the contrary, he is the pulse of the company and it is very inspiring. We are one very big family.”

La Perla is celebrating the first collection of newly appointed Artistic Director Julia Haart – the first woman artistic director since the brand was established 65 years ago. Sensual, liberated and feminine are the key characteristics used by La Perla to describe the new collection. But, as opposed to making political statements, La Perla liberates women in its very own way. That is by using the very best fabric and the Italian craftsmanship to produce one of the most comfortable lingerie and ready to wear collections the fashion world has seen thus far. “We create suits in the same way as we create our bras,” explained Debora. The tailored suits and shirts have incorporated bra cups and corsets, but without the metal wire. This ensures comfort and allows you to move freely. “The most liberating thing about this line is that you can wear padded shirts and jackets without the bra underneath. The best quality fabric means that you can even do yoga in La Perla jackets and trousers. They are stretchy enough to make you feel comfortable, yet the technology we use in the production of fabric means that you will never have stretched knees or elbows,” explained Debora. 

La Perla Womens Ready to Wear

The Summer collection for the first time features women’s ready-to-wear collection. Julia Haart made good use of the lingerie expertise from the brand’s glorious past, blending in modern technology to design tailored cotton jackets and shirts. The collection also features shorts and leggings – some with high waists, – elegant jumpsuits and jumpsuit shorts. The accessories range from feminine vintage eyewear to the beach hats to the laser-cut silver bracelets that replicate vintage Italian lace designs. The colour is important in the SS17 collection – bright royal blue and reds found their place on comfortable beach and swimwear. The Same technique of wireless bra support is used in the swimwear, meaning that it feels lighter than air. 

And if you think La Perla is only for women, think again. La Perla men’s ready to wear collection features the same fabric and superb quality craftsmanship. The collection has now arrived at all La Perla stores and online

La Perla Selfridges Swimwear Collection

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Tamara Orlova-Alvarez La Perla Selfridges Swimwear © Joe Alvarez

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