Pedro Almodóvar back in Cannes With a Short Film ‘Strange Way of Life’

Short films are a good way for aspiring director to learn the craft, hone the skills required, get recognition and grow contact base to ‘qualify’ for making a feature. It’s rather unusual for established Directors to be making shorts and so it was a surprise to see Cannes Film Festival veteran Pedro Almodóvar presenting his short at the Festival in 2023. The reason – Almodóvar is not so versed in English language films. While one might argue that directing is directing is directing, by his own admission, Almodóvar is gaining confidence directing in English. 

Perdo Almodovar and Ethan Hawke in Cannes

Perdo Almodovar and Ethan Hawke in Cannes © Rune Hellestad

Pedro Almodóvar‘s short film ‘Strange Way of Life’ premiered at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival on May 17, 2023. The film stars Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal and is Almodóvar’s second English-language effort, following ‘The Human Voice’ in 2020. The film is described as a “queer Western” with a deep connection between two middle-aged gunslingers who meet again after a 25-year separation. Hawke plays a small-town sheriff, Jake, who is investigating the murder of his sister-in-law at the hands of her lover. Pascal is Silva, an old friend of Jake’s who rides into town for shadowy purposes. At least part of his intention is romantic: Jake and Silva had a two-month fling in Mexico some 25 years previous, a brief and wonderful giving-in to forbidden desire that seems to have haunted the two men ever since. Silvan wants to pick up where they left off, while Jake halfheartedly resists. 

strange way of life poster

strange way of life poster

The film was well received by the audience and film critics so there is hoping we will see more English features from the filmmaker.

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strange way of life poster

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