Royal Screening of ‘Gentlemen Officers, Save the Emperor’

Film director Oleg Fomin in collaboration with “Viva projects”, “Waterloo academy” and The Russian Embassy in the UK presented the charity Royal screening of the movie “Gentlemen Officers, Save the Emperor” with the opening speech from the Russian star at the Grand Ballroom of Luxury Hotel “Montcalm”.

The plot is based on the story of an attempt of the Russian officers’ group to save Nicolay’s II family from the execution -The presentation of the historical film was in Russian with English subtitles.

Guests of Honour included Prince Rostislav Romanov, film director and actor Oleg Fomin, celebrity photographer and Editor in Chief of Ikon London Magazine  Joe Alvarez,  Actress and presenter – Katia Elizarova, Actress Regina Myannik,  Artist and writer  Marina  Alyabusheva -the mother of actress Olga Kurylenko-, English fashion designer – Sasha Ratiu , the Italian film producer Desiree Verga and the owner of a group of jewelry boutiques “Geraldo” Ben Kaminsky . 

As the part of the event, there was held an auction in support of The Charitable Foundation of His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent. (

Many friends and partners of the event were present. The uniqueness of some of the lots was very much in tune with the words “Imperial Russia”, “Imperial Dynasty”, “the House of the Romanovs”:

Various of the items at auction included: The icon with a picture of the entire family of Tsar Nicholas II and from the personal archive of actor and film director Oleg Fomin, a picture with the coat of Tsarist Russia during the reign of Tsar Nicholas II  -gold thread and Swarovski stones- from the personal archive of film director  Oleg Fomin. Images of the famous Russian tsars, Ivan the Terrible and Nicholas II from the collection of the British brand “LubiMenya”. 

There was also a bottle collector`s wine with the image of Tsar Nicholas II -vintage 1992 , and carefully preserved by experts well-known Imperial cellars of Moldovan association- created by Royal decree of his Majesty Nicholas I  in 1850 and named “Romanesti”, which in Russian means “The Romanovs”.

A beautiful big cake for approx 50 people in the form of the Imperial Crown of Tsar Nicholas II was also present for action from confectionary company Amber Bakery.

The Swiss company “Hyalual” as a partner and friend of the project presented gift bags with the production of “Hyalual” for the guests of the charity event. 

The evening was a lot of fun, with excellent food and wine and performance of the very talented young ballerina Jorele Simons.

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Joe Alvarez, Oleg Fomin The Russian Royal Charity Screening of the historical film 'Gentlemen Officers: Save the Emperor' at the Grand Ballroom of Luxury Hotel

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