Scott Fitzgerald Tribute at Eclectique Club London

Pre-Christmas is a very nostalgic time – a myriad of cosy festive TV ads bring back memories of past days as we are reminded of the importance of simple pleasures and good quality time. The sales of the theatre tickets peak at this time of year as we indulge ourselves in great entertainment with friends and family. And there was one performance like no others – held in the pomp Club Eclectique, privy exclusively at the Institute Of Directors for the Russian ex-pats elite. The one-off performance was dedicated to the era of jazz and the life of great American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Scott Fitzgerald’s tribute theatre play ‘There is no everyday life in jazz, is there?’

The play ‘There is no everyday life in jazz, is there?’ looked at the life and love of one of the last century’s best writers. Accompanied by live piano performance, the play was a mono-spectacle, played by Russian actor Igor Beroev who was selected by the play writers as ‘the best fit for the role. 

The screenplay co-writer – a psychiatrist by day Yulia Polivoda – admitted to Ikon London Magazine that she was drawn to the story of Scott Fitzgerald for personal reasons; his dear wife and the only inspiration for his work was diagnosed with schizophrenia in the early day of their marriage. “I know from the experience how hard it can be to handle a person with mental health issues and the fact that Scott Fitzgerald not only looked after his wife but also kept working and creating his best masterpieces is truly fascinating”.

The VIP’s and celebrities including Joe Alvarez, Tamara Orlova-Alvarez and the billionaire Standard owner’s girlfriend Lena Perminova were treated to sumptuous canapés with black caviar and the abundance of champagne.

Eclectique Club charity work

The sexy elegant dresses worn by models – Lena Perminova and Irina Liss – were kindly donated by couture designer Julia Yanina and were auctioned on charity Instagram auction run by billionaire’s girlfriend herself.



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Lena Perminova Scott Fitzgerald tribute play at Club Eclectique © Joe Alvarez

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