Are High Heels Dated?

For me there is nothing I enjoy more than getting dolled up for a night out, and as someone with a passion for shoes I always dress from the feet upwards, in that I choose my heels before I choose my outfit. To me my shoes and handbags are the pinnacle of my outfit and as long as I get that right and they make me feel good then everything falls into place. As a shoe editor, self proclaimed fanatic and wife of someone born into a very well know British shoe family that was a household name in the 60s and through to the 00s, I would like to think that when it comes to shoes, I’m pretty well informed…… I don’t care what anyone says, I do and always will believe that stilettos make a woman look and feel sexy and no matter how much those Louboutin So Kate heels hurt your feet, the second you put them on you ooze femininity and sex appeal.

Pure elegance; Christian Loubuotin So Kate 120 patent-leather pumps.

It however appears that the seductive stiletto is no longer the daters shoe of choice. According to research released this week by Deichmann Shoes, 36% of women asked said they would always opt for a trainer on a romantic date. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of the trainer and love the fact that they are still ‘big’ this season with so many incredible trainers out there I am finding it harder and harder to pick out my favourites, yet whilst I’m not anti feminism, I’m not convinced that Triple S kicks would be my first date night shoe of choice, but apparently only a quarter of females surveyed said that they would not wear heels to impress a man.

However, It has to be said there are also a plethora of studies to the contrary explaining why men prefer women in heels, so its open for debate.

The name stiletto came about in the 1930s and was taken from the Italian “stilo” meaning dagger, however in 10th century Persia, heels were originally created for men, mainly being worn by soldiers to keep their feet in the stirrups when they stood up to shoot and Egyptian butchers also wore high heels in order to walk above the blood of the animals they had slaughtered.

It was not until 1673 that King Louis XIV introduced shoes with RED heels and RED soles to the French Court to be worn by Royals and Aristocrats, which later become fashionable throughout Royal Households across Europe. Maybe this was what Inspired “American Horror story” actor Cody Fern to choose Maison Margiela’s iconic Tabi high heel boots with their distinctive “cleft toe” on the red carpet at the 76th Golden Globe awards earlier this year.

Despite a wave of popularity in the 50s, it was not until Manolo Blanik reintroduced a newer sexier version of the stiletto heel in1974 that had style icon and pin up Marylin Monroe famously declaring “I don’t know who invented high heels but women owe him a lot”, that they became a must have item for all women. Yet according to new research it seems that the myth of stilettos being the number one tool for seduction has been dispelled and the trainer is now the way forward with 44% of men saying that they would much rather see women in trainers on a first date, and 20% of men saying they preferred their girls in Brogues, leaving 30% of guys still favouring the high heel.

Perfect for walking the dog

It also transpires that an incredible 63% of the British public admit to making first impressions of people purely based upon what they are wearing on their feet with 8% saying they would have no qualms in ending a relationship if their other half failed in the shoe department.




Yet when it comes to the British women, we still like our men in smart black dress shoes or brogues with only 17% of us wanting to see our men in trainers on a date. The finding tell us that 15% of the women taking part felt that men in trainers were “not serious” and 6 % of those were concerned that trainers would mean smelly feet in a potential mat

However despite having a country divided by Brexit, at least everyone was united in that the biggest footwear faux pass, in order of severity were; the infamous sock/sandal combo, the scuffed dirty shoe and lastly dirty trainers. So be warned if your trainers are not clean and new when uploading your tinder profile, don’t wear them………

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