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EXCLUSVE: 60 Seconds With Royal Sculptor Frances Segelman

Frances Segelman is a legendary sculptor to royals, celebrities, and icons of industry. Self-taught, she created her own path and success for others to admire and learn. Among her works are HRH Queen Elizabeth II, HRH Duke of Edinburg (Prince Philip), HRH Prince of Wales (Prince Charles), Dame Joan Collins, Joanna Lumley, Eamon Holmes, and many others.

Debbie Moore OBE sculpting by Frances Segelman © Joe Alvarez

Debbie Moore OBE sculpting by Frances Segelman © Joe Alvarez

Astoundingly, Frances creates a lot of her sculptures in mere hours. Often open to the public, her sculpting sessions take just two-three hours and the sculpture is ready by the time the carriages are ready to take guests home. The clay sculptures are then sent off to be moulded and in six weeks, the lucky owner can see the final sculpture.  

Most recently, Frances Segelman invited guests to the live sculpting of Debbie Moore OBE – the founder of Pineapple Studios. 

We spoke to the famous sculptor after the live event that coincided with the 40th anniversary of Pineapple Studios. Frances told us about what live sculpting means to her and about plans for the future.

Frances Segelman, Debbie Moore © Joe Alvarez

Frances Segelman, Debbie Moore © Joe Alvarez

Q: How did you meet Debbie Moore?

A: It was a while back. So long ago in fact, that I don’t remember how we met exactly. But from the moment we met, we just felt like sisters. Our friendship spans for many years.

Q: Your work and speed are impressive. How did you master live sculpting?

A: I started as a hobby and I loved my hobby so much that I decided to give myself challenges. And the challenges were to be sculpting in front of people. You know, because it’s a tremendous pain as well because it’s incredibly hard. And I quite like pain somehow… I just love it. It’s determination and hard work. And that’s it.

Debbie Moore OBE sculpting by Frances Segelman © Joe Alvarez

Q: What are your plans for the next five years?

A: I plan to be doing this for a long, long time. We have here also works by other artists; we have a really great team so I plan to continue and do fun things – all of us.

Visit Frances Segelman’s website.

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Debbie Moore OBE sculpting by Frances Segelman © Joe Alvarez

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