2019 MotoE Energica Ego racing bike

MotoE Electric Motorcycle Racing Series to Launch in 2019

MotoGP, the world’s top motorcycle racing series, announced on Tuesday that it is launching a MotoE support series for ELECTRIC…
Why the vegan philosophy fails as a “social justice movement”

Why the vegan philosophy fails as a “social justice movement”

Why the vegan philosophy collapses in a pile ofcontradictions and hypocrisy Before we get started with this article demolishing the…

Is It Time To Put An End To Wasteful Fast Fashion Yet?

When it comes to fashion industry’s supply chain and production practices, it is established that the majority of consumers prefer…

The Real Cost of Faux Fur Fashion

Dazzlingly colourful and irresistibly fluffy, faux fur is taking over the High Street. Luxury retailers like Selfridges and Harvey Nichols…
BYL for IKON London magazine img2

Let’s Talk Synthetic Wigs, And Prevailing Ignorance Within the Industry

As the disposable income of western consumers is growing, so is the share of the beauty industry. While new beauty…
noisiest and dirtiest airlines

Heathrow Names And Shames Dirtiest And Noisiest Airlines

Heathrow Airport has today named the noisiest and dirtiest airlines with the Middle Eastern planes coming last while British Airways'…
Hormones in drinking water

Fertility Timebomb In Drinking Water Flagged More Than A Decade Ago Is Exploding

The fertility of a generation of men is being put at risk because a hormone found in the Pill is…
Amy Adams, Darren Gallo Nocturnal Animals Film premiere Venice Film Festival © Joe Alvarez

Nocturnal Animals cast at the Venice Film Festival

A man of many talents, Tom Ford, is presenting his new directing work at the Venice Film Festival. Nocturnal Animals…
Tamara Orlova-Alvarez and Joe Alvarez Ikon Fashion PoBlitz Party

Ikon Fashion Party PoBlitz’s Soho

When it comes to the cultural innovations and revolutions, the UK and London, in particular, is indisputably number one on…
Sustainable Fashion Fashion Threads Box free image Pixabay

The Future Of Sustainable Fashion Looks Bleak Like Sustainable Dye

Every time I hear someone advocating for 'sustainable fashion' my face involuntarily cringes. Certainly not because I don't think it…
Tofu Or Not Tofu? The Environmental Impact

Tofu Or Not Tofu? The Environmental Impact of Tofu

According to a poll by The Mirror newspaper, the second most popular New Year’s resolution is to start eating healthily.…
Bella Hadid Elle Style Awards 2016 © Joe Alvarez

ELLE Style Awards 2016

The ELLE Style Awards 2016 have celebrated the close of London Fashion Week with a bash, honouring the great, the…
Climate Change

Climate Change Hysteria: Busting The Myth

A new report published in the journal Nature today shows that a major ice age was narrowly missed just before the industrial…

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