Caterina Belluardo: Trendsetter

So you know when you come across one of those designers that you immediately know are going to be and create the next big, iconic trends, like Burberry, Gucci or Armani. For me, that has to be the creative and amazingly talented Caterina Belluardo. Graduating from the Royal College of Arts in 2013, Caterina has wowed the fashion industry with her cool and funky, hard wearing unisex collection “The Sky Has New Colours” AW15 collection.


Caterina works with a small team which is important to her success; Megan Crook is a self-taught American designer who relocated to the UK over 10 years ago and set up her label, Crooked Knitwear, and Caterina’s business partner Dale Gatehouse.

Her last collection SS15 featured a lot of knitwear on her shoes, however in a collaboration with Lanificio F.Iii Cerruti – leading textile manufacturers for their high-quality Italian textiles and designs -this collection features Flannel textile and beautiful nubuck leathers.

Heavily influenced by the 70’s with the flannel fabrics combined with the Memphis movement of the 80’s for the designs and style, Belluardo has created a unique, fun, stylish high-end design that looks fantastic.caterina-belluardo-designspeaking-3

Caterina Belluardo finds her inspiration from the Memphis movement of the 80’s. Caterina found herself being drawn to the Memphis movement when she herself found that during her childhood she had grown up with a sofa that was from that movement.

The shapes and styles of these iconic pieces of furniture – graphic stripes, geometric shapes and bold colour seen in the creative ethos of the Italian ‘Memphis movement’  – are noticeable within the collections, making Caterina’s brand so recognisable. 

The shoes are handmade in a small family workshop in the East End of London and display the highest degree of craftsmanship, while the soles are still handmade in Italy.

The different styles include a bowling shoe, boots, and shoes with tassels, even some with detachable tassels. All of them are funky and unique but they can be as fun as you like with a bespoke service on her website.

In an exclusive for Ikon London Magazine Caterina has told us that we can expect a ladies range of sandals and wedges in the coming collections.

You can find Caterina’s lovely SS15 collection at her website and we at Ikon recommend that you snap up a pair if you’re a Dapper lad or lady.

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Catarina Beluardo

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