Helen Anthony AW15 Brings Back to Fashion the Joy Division Charm

Helen Anthony started my 2015 marathon at London Fashion Week with their AW collection. They have presented their AW15 clothing line for men, upfront the official opening of LFW.

Helen Anthony AW15 collection seemed to me clearly inspired by a 70’s colour scheme.  The 70’s typical solid autumn tones were used for oversized jumpers and fitted jackets.

The oversized jumpers created a feeling of teen spirit rebellion.  

The appearance of perfectly tailored pastel suits, infused with soft paisley gave the rebelled teen sprit a hint of royalty. 

Helen Anthony AW15 made me think of Joy Division during the catwalk show. The hint of royalty was overtaken by a very smooth punk accent, which blended with the elegant suits, made me perfectly picture Ian Curtis. I was expecting him anytime to walk in and start singing Transmission, obviously and very unfortunately for my deluded brain that was not the case.

In my perspective, the magic element of the show was the “Joy Division leather jacket”. The jackets were amazingly tailored with the iconic late 70’s cuts, oversized pockets and fur collars.

The shiny leather textures completely conquered me. None the less that, I think that, a brave juxtaposition of textures was made: shiny luxurious leather and oversized knitted wool.

The daring equation of textures was saved by the softness of the suits and balanced everything into to a complete mix.

Wide fur collar and fur pockets JacketDarren-Brade-0098-Helen-Anthony-LFW-AW15-BTSDarren-Brade-0096-Helen-Anthony-LFW-AW15-BTS


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