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When it comes to the cultural innovations and revolutions, the UK and London, in particular, is indisputably number one on the world scene. Having provided starting ground for music icons like David Bowie, Mick Jagger, etc London has gained world recognition of being a buzzing hub for music-fashion fusion movements. Whole arrays of subcultural movements that defined an entire generation and our current lifestyle were burgeoning in the very heart of Soho: New-Romantics at the famous Blitz club, The Punk scene, MOD, etc to name just a few. 

Music and fashion go hand in hand together. These movements –developing, merging and dividing into myriad of other smaller sub-movements- have provided fertile inspirational ground to designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Galliano and Moschino amongst others. Almost every Great designer was inspired by the culture of London at some stage of their career – something we are so proud of.

Tamara Orlova-Alvarez, Joe Alvarez

“Working in showbiz and mixing with new trendsetters in fashion and music industry I have come to realise that ‘Generation X-Factor’ simply doesn’t have the platform to express their rebellious traits,” says Joe Alvarez, the host and the mastermind behind Ikon Fashion Po-Blitz party series. He continued: “A few pockets of re-invented fashionistas meet up at Pam Hogg and KTZ fashion shows and that’s about all we have left from the legacy of the Great.”

Being right in the middle of pulsing London showbiz land, Joe Alvarez bypasses any ‘retro’ cliches. “By launching this project I’m not trying to turn back the time and re-live the history, I want to encourage great minds to invent something substantially new and interesting. I refuse to believe that ‘R&B’ and the ‘X-Factor generation’ is the culmination of our cultural development – it’s simply too boring. Ikon Fashion Po-Blitz is, first of all, a networking hub… and good fun of course.”

The Ikon fashion Po-Bitz party is nothing else than a permission slip for fashionistas of all kind to express themselves. The doors are open to all ‘fashion freaks’ who can’t wait for next London Fashion Week to show off their best and wackiest outfits. And now they don’t need to. “We aim to hold Ikon Fashion Po-Blitz parties monthly in the very heart of Soho – just around the corner from infamous BFC ‘Designers’ Showroom'” comments Joe Alvarez. 

Commenting on how one can get on the guest list Joe says: “We have a strict dress code rules. It’s not a school teachers’ convention. Don’t bother coming dressed like an estate agent. Dress to the nines -not that hard- and bring your butt to Soho.”

Photography by Terry Scott

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Tamara Orlova-Alvarez and Joe Alvarez Ikon Fashion PoBlitz Party

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