Prince Found Dead at His Residence ‘Paisley Park’

The world mourns for Prince, our 5ft 2 inch giant of the music industry has completely rocked the music world and avid fans worldwide with his shocking death at the age of 57. Prince Found Dead at His Residence ‘Paisley Park’ on April 21, 2016 (aged 57).

Prince was a pioneer and true artist influencing generations from his style to his music. Having risen to fame from the 1980’s causing a lot of controversy along the way at the time, with his fusion of sexual and religious themes and general exploration of fantasy. However, as his career progressed, he has become known for songs that had deep spirituality.

Prince sold over 100 million albums worldwide over the course of his very public 40-year career.

Prince Roger Nelson was born in 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota to parents Mattie Shaw (Jazz Singer) and John Nelson (Musician) with his original name deriving from a Jazz band his father performed with as a pianist. Prince was a self-taught musician who was launched into superstardom alongside global phenomena Michael Jackson and Madonna.

Having suffered from epileptic seizures in his childhood, he said that early on in his career, he became as flashy and noisy as he could to try and compensate. With the alleged cause of death being labelled as an ‘overdose’ having seen Prince leaving a Walgreens just hours after being pronounced dead at his home in Paisley Park and having been given the ‘save shot’ just six days prior, the absolute cause of death will remain in speculation until the postmortem confirms ‘cause of death’ being performed on Friday.

A day before… 

Sources claim Prince was seen to be looking ‘frail and nervous’ a day before his death whilst visiting his local Walgreens store for the fourth time the same week. 

Prince’s secret song vault

It has been revealed that Prince had a secret vault at his residence which has thousands of songs including unreleased singles from the 80’s. Prince will forever live on with his artistry being timeless as he was. It is true that a legend never dies and this particular legend has left behind such a vast collection of music which we have not yet even been exposed to that it has been said, an entire album of his unreleased music could be released every year for the next century.

As a fan myself, I certainly hope to hear what creativity lives in his private vault but as an artist some art and moments of magic should just be for the creator.

The outpour of support has been tremendous along with the shock of his death as he just told fans this Saturday gone, “Wait a few days before you waste any prayers” The world will be praying and you will always live on in the generations there are to come as a true artist, icon, musician, creative force and legend.


Although Prince’s representatives said he was battling the flu, reports have claimed that Prince was given a ‘save shot’ which is usually administered for overdosing on Opiates.

Transcript from actual 911 call 

Dispatcher: 911, where is your emergency?

Unidentified male: Hi there, um, what’s the address here? Yeah we need an ambulance right now.

D: Okay.

UM: We have someone who is unconscious.

D: Okay, what’s the address?

UM: Um, we’re at Prince’s house.

D: Okay, does anybody know the address? Is there any mail around that you could look at?

UM: Yeah, yeah, okay, hold on.

D: Okay, your cell phone’s not going to tell me where you’re at, so I need you to find me an address.

UM: Yeah, we have um, yeah, we have um, so yeah, um, the person is dead here.

D: Okay, get me the address please.

UM: Okay, okay, I’m working on it.

D: Concentrate on that.

UM: And the people are just distraught.

D: I understand that they are distraught, but…

UM: I’m working on it, I’m working on it.

D: Okay, do we know how the person died?

UM: I don’t know, I don’t know.

D: Okay.

UM: Um, so we’re, we’re in Minneapolis, Minnesota and we are at the home of Prince.

D: You’re in Minneapolis?

UM: Yeah, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

D: You’re sure you are in Minneapolis?

UM: That’s correct.

D: Okay, have you found an address yet?

UM: Yeah, um, I’m so sorry I need, I need the address here?

Unidentified female: 7801

UM: 7801

D: 7801 what?

UM: Paisley Park, we are at Paisley Park.

D: You’re at Paisley Park, okay, that’s in Chanhassen. Are you with the person who’s…

UM: Yes, it’s Prince.

D: Okay.

UM: The person.

D: Okay, stay on the line with me.

UM: Okay.

(Phone ringing)

Ambulance dispatcher: Ambulance, Shirley.

D: Carver with the transfer for Paisley Park Studios, 78.

AD: Paisley Park Studios, okay.

D: 7801 Audubon Road.

AD: Okay.

D: We have a person down, not breathing.

AD: Down, not breathing.

D: Yup.

UM: He’s, he’s…

D: We’re going to get everybody, go ahead with the transmittal.

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