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Music Roundup of 2014 by Lauri Rubina

Speaking of music in November feels a little bit like butting in your Christmas list and telling you what to buy. This has a lot to do with the strategic release of those coveted titles that the record companies know full well will be safe choices for the stressed shoppers. Unfortunately, the artistic value is often going amiss in favour of glossy covers with often half-naked ‘artists’. 

So, you can look forward to giving away your money for One Direction’s “Take Me Home” that comes out on 12th of December and is sure to make teen girls hearts flutter.  For those nieces with more urban tendencies that look for romance in the safe rebels of JLS   (yes, I am trying to be funny), then remember, remember the 5th of November their last album  ”One Direction” is hitting the racks across the UK and, it has a deluxe version available too. Now, if you are looking to a more grown-up kind of woman who is still to outgrow her teen musical taste then look no further than a classic: Robbie Williams.  Coincidentally, his not-so-humbly titled new CD “Take the Crown” is also out on 5th of November and it also has a deluxe version. Mr. Williams promises: “After the Take That reunion – a busman’s holiday, a break from my career which re-energised me in many,  many ways – I wanted to come back with a massive solo album. My main priority was to write what I consider, and hopefully what the world would consider, to hit. I’m very excited”. It should be textured amalgamation if anything and probably the longest contender in its genre.  On a different and slightly more highbrow note, we have Mumford and Sons and their “Babel”. Out last month it is probably your safest bet.  Folksy, wholesome, artsy, really rather good. This as a gift would be what Coldplay’s “Parachute” was back in 2000:  If you are into “Laterwith Jools Holland” then you might have caught Jake Bugg’s appearance. This newbie is taking all the right steps. At only 19 he has supported the Stone Roses, played at the special request of Noel Gallagher for his tour “High Flying Birds”, joined Snow Patrol in the last part of their tour and managed to sell out his own  UK tour. His self-titled first album is out already so have a  listen; you might want to spend a tenner on yourself!


For those who have spun 19 and 21 enough times to really need to stop, there is a  new release by Adele that you can check out. “Skyfall”, the theme tune for the new James Bond, is out already and, with every chance of getting over played, you might still want to have your own copy.  Another album named after a number is Girls Aloud’s “Ten”. A well-publicised comeback that reeks of ‘we did not do that well on our own’. But this will no matter for their loyal fan base who I’m sure already know that HMV will be stocking an exclusive deluxe version of it. We all look forward to being bashed with their work at every fitting room on the high street a much-welcomed change from the unbearable noise that Nicky Minaj has been inflicting upon us, if nothing else.


Now, entering the gossipy part of this column. Have you noticed that the tube is now cool? You have millions in the bank, you don’t have spare change because your notes are actually too large, your garage is crammed with obscenely expensive wheels and yet, you get down on the Jubilee line. Ok, this is not our case, you and I take public transport because we just could not afford the supermarket otherwise but Rihanna? Jay-Z? Beyonce? You could think that they are all like Jenny from the block Lopez and areerrkeeping it real. You would be wrong. We thought nothing about Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson tubing it back in 2008 and yet, their efforts were pioneering for this new trend. Just on a quick account we can name some of the biggest names in showbiz who are filling the carriages: Starting big, Madonna (!!!). To follow, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Ginnifer Goodwin, Katie Holmes –sans Suri Cruise-, both Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. Without photo, we can still report other celebs such as Zoë Saldaña, Julianne Moore, Keanu Reeves, Neil Patrick Harris, Claire Danes, Anderson Cooper, Bradley Cooper and Zooey Deschanel. The questions are endless! How is this going to affect our journeys? Will the prices be jacked up accordingly? Would there now have VIP carriages? Security checks? Dress codes? And the buskers? Please, send me your answers to [email protected]



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