Obesity Awareness Week

11 January marks the start of National Obesity Awareness Week. With everyone back into lockdown, gyms closed and Uber Eats delivering takeaways, it’s time to remind everyone that obesity is bad news for anyone who might contract coronavirus. Yes, dear reader, it is contrary to what Cosmopolitan and other glitzy chic mags would want you to believe.

Just to remind our readers, that even before the pandemic, UK statistics shows that in 2018/19 there were 876,000 hospital admissions where obesity was recorded as the primary or a secondary diagnosis, a shocking increase of 23% from 2017/18 stats.

In parallel, the availability of fast-food has grown exponentially, with the density of takeaway locations increasing and online services making the process more effortless for consumers. 

And even despite Boris’s promises to crack down on obesity after he contracted COVID-19 in spring 2020, the situation has only exacerbated since the beginning of the lockdown.

This Obesity Awareness Week, we would like to remind our readers that obesity is not healthy, nor it should be celebrated. We have collated for you our top obesity related articles:

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Obesity Awareness Week

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