Olga Kurylenko Dazzles at Geraldo Jewellery Party

Olga Kurylenko and other VIP’s attended the Geraldo jewellery champagne launch party.

After the successful celebration event at the Grand Ballroom, Geraldo Jewellery is showcasing their patented sphere diamond masterpieces and its new black diamond male collection at the Langham hotel until Christmas.

The former Bond Girl wore a black Alexander McQueen LBD which featured lace panelling overlaid with a leopard print design.

Olga, 35, kept her makeup simple but for a feline flick of black eyeliner as she dined with some fashionable guests.

One of those was famed British designer Ozwald Boateng who the actress seemed to be good friends with as they laughed while posing for my pictures.

Originally planned as a get-together in London for Geraldo Club clients, the evening event turned into a Gala Dinner with many trendsetters from all around the world.

Roman Gurfinkel, Geraldo CEO: ‘We would like to thank each and every one of you that came from around the world on such short notice to celebrate the first steps of Geraldo Jewellery in London.’

‘Thanks also to all London’s elite and International supporters who came to admire our creations.

‘Further thanks to the representatives of the sport, luxury, fashion, film, and music industry but also to politicians, diplomats, top bankers and successful entrepreneurs from Russia, India and Europe who attended Geraldo’s festivities’, said Roman Gurfinkel. 

‘A special thanks to RT Hon Keith Vaz MP, Yana Maksimochkina, Johan Eliasch, Olga Kurylenko, Joe Alvarez, Lady Victoria Hervey, Mark Foligno, Atique Choudhury, Oliver Rothschild, Pavel Pogrebnyak, Marina Alyabysheva, Jan-Marteen Assher, Enzo Testa, Oswald Boateng, Katerina Elizarova, Catalina Guirado, Stuart Watts, Linzi Stoppard, Ricky G, Tsanna Latouche, Tony Or, Ty Ogunkoya, Billie Brown, Alice Helm and Aisha Wiggins, Brian Sparrow, Dave Room and Dan Gerard Knought who came to our pop-up launch.’

The Gala dinner celebrating Geraldo diamond-studded artwork featured a spontaneous and diverse entertainment programme – live musicians, a selection of classical music by Cats Musical Conductor Julian Bigg, outstanding performances from Ilona, the popular trio: Woman The Band and upcoming music artist Rishi. Not to forget dancers Dan Malov & Julia Granath coupled with magic lightings from LED Factory. 

About Geraldo

Geraldo creates and manufactures limited edition diamond jewel collections, custom-made jewellery and diamond-studded accessories. A most innovative high-tech jewellery owning numerous patented designs such as the Diamond SphereTM, Geraldo is praised for being the unique manufacturer of “invisible-set” diamond jewellery with round stones. 


For 5 Years, since 2002, Geraldo has been the white-label outsourcing partner for top luxury brands in the jewel and watch industries. 

Out of pure coincidence, Roman met widow of Geraldo, an oil and mining Brazilian entrepreneur. Inspired by a sphere of diamonds Geraldo had dreamed of, Roman succeeded in an engineering feat that should be geometrically impossible and is a ‘technological enigma’ to even the most experienced jeweller. Roman was then catalyzed to market unique branded collections of diamond jewelry, named Geraldo, to pay tribute to her late husband. 



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Olga Kurylenko Geraldo Launch Party © Joe Alvarez

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