Trance World Film Premiere

The world premiere of Trance in London was long drawn affair from the media’s point of view. Mine anyway. The red carpet arrivals took for ever as the publicists were obviously new as to the red carpet protocol and the different media deadlines we have.

Despite of the feeble attempts by the well meaning PR’s to hurry up the talent to us -accredited photographers- this was met with a glazed look by the ‘stars’ publicists who always seem completely ignorant as to what to do on a ‘live’ red carpet.

Rosario Dawson posed for me an HOUR AND A HALF after the scheduled arrivals time, and by then I was in a filthy mood. The gormless publicist even ushered Ms Dawson to sign autographs for the ‘fans’ before doing press, half of which I’m certain have TB, and various other diseases. They looked like extras from Sean of the Dead. Talent needs to do press first, so we can file the work quickly, and move to the next job. It’s more likely to get published if its filed early. I said to Rosario to hurry up as I had the Sony Xperia party to go to. She then rushed over, as she didn’t realize we were all in a HURRY. The talent have no idea, they just follow the publicist donkeys around. They eventually get it. Tom Cruise knows it best, he is the consummate professional with the media. He will always do the pictures first, then TV and fans. 

What you really want to know -really?- is that Rosario Dawson and Danny Boyle still speak to each other after their split. Yes, they were an ITEM! What the hell was that about? Odd couple indeed. What actresses have to do to get a film role. Jeez, he looks like her grandad. Never, mind, perhaps it was a career choice, as they soon split up after the film was done. Who knows. Cynical? Been in this business too long.

Danny and Rosario seem to get on really well, and were chatty on the red carpet, and posed for pictures together with the rest of the cast and crew. James McAvoy, looked like erm, himself, wearing dull attire typical of many used car salesmen. The GINGER beard is what really put me off. Eeewwwgh. At least he is redeemed with good acting skills. 

Rosario looked fantastic, wearing the kind of frock we need for good front cover pictures.

Danny Boyle has ruled himself out of directing the next James Bond movie. Good! Otherwise we would’ve seen a ‘multicultural’ film with the first ethnic minority -majority more like, in London- Bond, with the film set in Hackney with rickshaw ‘car’ chases and Bollywood dancing.

Before you brainwashed Guardian readers misunderstand my comments, what I mean is, its like having a new Superman film with Superman wearing a turban. Its not the religion/race per se, just that it looses what the franchise was about. It’s politicizing it. 

The ‘Trance’ filmmaker has insisted he has no interest in taking over the spy franchise -hurrah!- from recently departed ‘Skyfall’ director Sam Mendes as he prefers working on smaller movies with strict budgets. What a relief indeed. I rate Danny highly as a director, just can’t see some types of films done successfully with his seemingly personal social agenda thrown in.

Having taken the pics I finally zoomed over to the Sony party, to have some fun! 

Oh yes, the storyline if anyone cares, relates to an art auctioneer who has become mixed up with a group of criminals partners with a hypnotherapist in order to recover a lost painting. Boom!

Rosario Dawson © Joe Alvarez 29582Trance premiere © Joe Alvarez 29493

Rosario Dawson

DSC_1997Trance premiere © Joe Alvarez 29488Trance premiere © Joe Alvarez 29480

James McAvoy, Tuppence Middleton, Vincent Cassel

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Rosario Dawson at the premiere of Trance World © Joe Alvarez

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