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A Guide to Entering the London Sound Stage

Becoming a well-known musician in London centers around how hard you try to stand out and build your career. The opportunity to become well-known and even respected for your natural musical ability hinges on your presence asa major name in the London area. If you are producing or making beats for accomplished artists and singers, you have to let the world around you know about your talent. Luckily, by being based in the capital, you’re already connected to one of the best locations for musicians in the world. Follow this guide to enter the London sound stage and take over.

Coming Up with the Right Name

A Guide to Entering the London Sound Stage

A Guide to Entering the London Sound Stage

All new artists need a name that is memorable, matches their persona well, and isn’t already taken by another act. Your stage name can be a nickname that you’ve had all your life, or it can even be the name of your alter ego. Think about how you can brand yourself as a musical artist with your stage name, then get all over social media so you can secure the accompanying handles. Come up with a name that is provocative, clever, kitschy, or too memorable to ever forget. Consider giving your hometown a shout by referencing your favorite neighborhood or eatery in London. Once the name is confirmed, you can get on with becoming more well known in London.

Rent Space in a Professional Recording and Rehearsal Studio

Whether you have soundproofed your flat and already recorded your demo or are looking to polish up some existing tracks, you need to start following the example set by other professional musicians. Leaving London and using Los Angeles rehearsal studios will put you in a totally new mindset, inspiring your music in unexpected ways. Check out Pirate’s rehearsal space to see what the possibilities are. Pirate has hundreds of recording studios and rehearsal areas for musicians to use on an at-need basis. Rent a studio for a couple of hours or take control of a rehearsal studio for days ahead of your next major performance.

Socialize with Other Musicians

Brits Awards 2018 Dua Lipa Arrivals

Dua Lipa at BRITs Awards 2018. Photo Courtesy of BRIT Awards

If you want to be part of London’s well-known community of professional recording artists, then you need to start meeting and mingling with others in the industry. Perhaps you went to a school for the performing arts, or one of your bandmates is pretty well connected. Find out when the next big party will be and see if you can’t get yourself an invitation. Collaborating on songs with other artists can also help with social connections and private invites. As you meet makeup artists, club promoters, background dancers, and other people in the music industry, your circle will widen exponentially. Always be ready to head out and make connections with like-minded people.

Landing Your First High-Visibility Gig

Socializing, hob-knobbing, and being the center of attention with your London musical crew ultimately plays second fiddle to your arte. At first, you might only be playing gigs in small venues and private spaces. There will also be higher-visibility performances in London that change your life. Perhaps in an artsy area of London, there may be a number of clubs that attract large crowds. Playing a gig where you know there will be photographers, well-known producers, and big stars can help you to finally get that big break. Land a high-visibility gig and give a breathtaking performance to create a buzz in London.

Become a Staple at London Events and Venues

After that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, your musical career will be set up to grow to new heights. Your fanbase will grow as people begin to recognize you, even when you’re just going out to run errands. Club doormen will know you automatically, as you get invited to more events and are included on more guest lists than you can keep up with. You may not yet feel like you have truly made it, but this is the moment that will define your professional career. Continue to be visible, make great music, polish your craft, and go to all of the events in London that you can.

If you have musical talent and believe in your ability to entertain the masses, get started on breaking out in London. Meet the right people, learn how to put on a show, and get yourself a great management team. Having fun, going to parties, and maintaining a good reputation and image doesn’t sound hard, but it is grueling when it is your career. That’s why you need to follow these tips to keep your goals in sight and determine where a budding musical artist should go next. You can always take the night off, but don’t forget to get back in there and continue taking on the London sound stage tomorrow.

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A Guide to Entering the London Sound Stage

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