EXCLUSIVE: 60 Seconds With Pineapple Founder Debbie Moore OBE

Frances Segelman, Debbie Moore Debbie Moore OBE sculpting by Frances Segelman © Joe Alvarez

Frances Segelman, Debbie Moore © Joe Alvarez

Most notably known as a founder of Pineapple Studios, Debbie Moore OBE is celebrating 40 years anniversary of her business in 2019. Debbie’s 40-years-journey was full of successes as Pineapple Studios counts several dance studios around London as well as on Broadway. Her clothing brand Pineapple Studios enjoys great success as well. Inspired by the dancers’ style Debbie developed Cotton/Lycra with DuPont and was the first fashion designer to use the versatile fabric for dancewear.

The official celebration took place at the new additional shop space located opposite the iconic Pineapples Studio.

Thanks to sheer hard work and determination, she was the first woman to float a company on the London Stock Exchange.

Frances Segelman, Debbie Moore OBE, Esther McVey Debbie Moore OBE sculpting by Frances Segelman © Joe Alvarez

Frances Segelman, Debbie Moore OBE, Esther McVey © Joe Alvarez

Debbie Moore OBE is also a writer. In 1983 she published her first book ‘The Pineapple Dance Book’ followed by 1989 ‘When a Woman Means Business’.

To commemorate the occasion, royal sculptor Frances Segelman was sculpting Debbie Moore live. Following the live sculpting session, we asked Debbie a few questions.

Debbie Moore OBE sculpting by Frances Segelman © Joe Alvarez

Debbie Moore OBE sculpting by Frances Segelman © Joe Alvarez

Q: How did you open Pineapple Studios in such a short time?

A: Pineapple Studios opened just two months later [after the closure of Covent Garden Dance Centre in Floral Street.] It was a derelict building, with dead pigeons lying around. And I remember I was explaining to my bank manager “look, this is the Studio One and don’t worry about the dancers and teachers…” and there was one ballet teacher who said “Pineapple sounds terribly commercial. How about calling it the Covent Garden Ballet dance academy?” And I said “It’s got to be bloody commercial. I borrowed all this money!” Back in the day, I had a dream team who helped me to finish everything in a few months. 

Q: In an age when people are looking for role models – can you give us some tips?

A: One advice I always give to everyone is that you must keep a sense of humour at all times. Keeping positive at all times is important. Also, having good people around you. Build up your team. I’ve got a dream team – my first ever employee is also here today, my teachers were all there… It’s vital to look after people and they will do anything for you. I’m very grateful to them all.

Q: What are your plans for the next five years?

A: We are celebrating forty of the Pineapple today and all I’ve got to say is here is to the next forty.

Visit Pineapple Studios website.

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Frances Segelman, Debbie Moore exclusive interview Debbie Moore OBE Joe Alvarez

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