The DAFTAS: Hilarious Trailers Drop

The hilarious trailers have dropped for in-competition DAFTAS 2021 short spoofs, the organisers have announced on their website.

With titles including The Trial of The Marvel(Lous) 7, What About Pops, The Mancunian, Camel With Horses, #NomadLife, Promising Older Woman among others, this year’s short spoof films challenge has fourteen team going against each other for the title of The Best Spoof of 2021. 

The Awkward Science’s Extraordinary Rendition of The Mauritanian. Photo courtesy of Ralph Jones

Each year, the DAFTAS participants get together to spoof BAFTA-nominated films. The rules are strict – all short spoofs must be shot in two days and on a shoestring budget of £200.

“We call it ‘fan art’ – and it’s hysterical! Don’t take our word for that, we have producer Emma Tillinger-Koskoff (Joker, The Irishman) on camera saying exactly that.”

NoGoLand still. Photo Courtesy of Madeleine Kasson

The DAFTAS acclaimed judging panel will cast their vote in due course and winners will be announced during the online awards ceremony on the 29th of May 2021. 

This year’s DAFTAS judges include award-winning actress Karen Bryson MBE (Black Narcissus, Mother Father Son, Zack Snyder’s Justice League), award-winning composer and director Tom Lawes (Last Projectionist, Amaryllis), award-winning comedy producer Gina Lyons (Dreaming Whlist Black, In My Skin), co-founder of Comedy Crowd Peter Wright, Film Critic Damon Smith, comedian Michelle DeSwarte (Duchess).

The Mancunian still. Photo courtesy of Northern Sole Production (Sally Cancello)

The DAFTAS awards draw their inspiration from quintessential British humour and aim to support filmmakers and actors on their creative path.

The viewers are invited to join this year’s awards ceremony and watch all shortlisted films online by booking their tickets on Eventbrite.

This year’s participants’ style and expertise vary greatly. Among this year’s team leaders are: last year’s DAFTA winner Mark Haldor (The Fetishman). Haldor has teamed up with comedian Kunt and the Gang to produce original soundtrack, Artie Brennan (House of Cards), Ralph Jones (comedy writer and performer), to name just a few.

The Trial of The Marvel(lous) 7. Photo courtesy of Mark Haldor

Not all of our team leaders were men. In fact, female-led teams make 50% of entries. Among them Sally Cancello (Funny Women Award winner) with her production company Northern Sole Production, 3 Menopausal Maids Production and last year’s participant Ashley Jonassaint.

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