David Ferreira AW16 London Fashion Week

Everyone loves a bit of action come London Fashion Week and the David Ferreira AW16 fashion show was no different – models falling over, a dramatic and extravagant collection – I felt I had been transported into a fairy tale.

David was this year’s Merit Award winner. His Westminster graduate collection received much acclaim and saw him introduced at Fashion Scout on Friday. 

The show was mesmerising – It is definitely true that this young man has a vision and a lot of creativity.

The “Opulent Child” AW16 collection is a reflection of today’s overindulgent society – references are a vibrant mix of mainstream TV and Film – Gossip Girl, Scream, Pink Ladies (Grease) and a regal flare inspired by Marie Antoinette and the Duchess of Polignac.

The collection is extravagant and fun. It’s definitely not what you would consider a wearable collection but it is glamorous and visually stunning.

The shapes and colours have created a collection that has a resemblance to Alice in Wonderland. 

Bright reds and pinks make the collection stand out – its dramatic and theatrical, the type of thing one has come to expect to see Lady Gaga in – fashion at its best.

Eighteenth-century shapes made into stunning little dresses and skirts paired with a real punkie hair and makeup made this show my personal favourite.

Faux furs mixed with soft quilted materials worked into elegant regal shapes – think Scarlet Pimpernel meets Scarlett O’Hara and Alice in Wonderland and had a baby, this collection is that baby and it is beautiful.

The shoes were also fantastic to look at but clearly caused issues for the models with a couple of wobbles then a ‘Naomi Campbell fall’. The model was a trooper though as she got up, dusted herself off and carried on to an almighty applause of respect. Thank heavens no one was really hurt.

David Ferreira is definitely a name to watch out for. A great designer in the making I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. Can he top this collection or has he set the bar too high – I for one thinks that he has an amazing talent and look forward to being blown away again.


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David Ferreira AW16 London Fashion Week

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