Rocking The Catwalk – How Hard Can It Be?

With yet another London Fashion Week biting dust we must admit that sadly there were no significant changes in terms of models walking the catwalk.

It may come as surprise to people only watching edited fashion shows on TV or seeing pictured in glossy mags or Instagram but, according to celebrity photographer Joe Alvarez,– who is also a fashion designer- the majority of catwalk models hitting the runway during the London Fashion Week have no idea how to rock the show. 

“Unfortunately, not all models realise there are no brands that simply sell clothes anymore – every brand sells a certain lifestyle, every brand wants to make a statement. Fashion has become all about lifestyle choices and, especially in such diverse city as London, it is a must that model fits with the brand identity and conveys the right attitude.” He goes on to say, “We can’t fully blame models of course. I have seen a lot of so-called choreographers who still live a fashion cliche, demanding girls practice their vacant faces for the show. They don’t realise that it is so last century.”

“Throughout my career as a photographer, I have covered hundreds of fashion shows and seen thousands of models that can make all the best designers’ endeavours look dull and boring. The model who has a personality or, better still, can take any attitude to suit the brand identity will be always on photographers’ preferred list.”

Having a personality, according to Joe Alvarez, includes knowing how to work with photographers. It comes with experience and understanding that the collection will sell well if images and footage are sharp and crisp. “We [photographers] can’t stand models who run too fast or never make eye contact with the camera – these pictures will never sell, and hardly will the collection.” 

It’s not a secret that the whole show and success of particular collection, and a brand as a whole, depends on the professionalism of models. It is the very reason why on his own shows Joe Alvarez is briefing models himself. “I carefully listen to what choreographers preach and then ask models to ignore everything they have just heard. My designs are unique and loud and it is truly a lifestyle choice – not just clothes. I’m proud to say that my shows have so far been a great success. I use the same models as other designers but the outcome is so much different, and that’s what I love seeing in fashion.”

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Fashion Photography Fashion Week, Catwalk, Fashion Show © Joe Alvarez

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