Rohmir AW18 Fashion Show London Fashion Week

Rohmir is luxury Swiss design house founded and run by Baroness Olga Roh. Rohmir collections never cease to amaze me with their impeccable delivery and intricacy of textures and manufacturing process. The Rohmir AW 18 fashion show shall we dance wasn’t an exception. The Autumn Winter 18 Rohmir collection, Ikon London Magazine was told, was inspired by the performance of Russian Symphonic Orchestra in Moscow that Olga Roh attended a few months before the show.

“I was so touched by the performance of Oblivion by A. Piazzolla that I couldn’t contain myself,” admitted the designer. “I couldn’t hold back the tears during this performance and it touched me so deeply on a personal level. These emotions and their impeccable delivery served as my inspiration for the Rohmir AW18 collection.”

Rohmir fashion show choreography

The fashion show, held at the iconic Freemason’s Hall in Covent Garden, began with the performance of London National Ballet soloist Jia Zhang. With the accompaniment of Tango Jia demonstrated the first outfit of the collection while performing solo. The flared white dress with big red flowers allowed enough movement for Jia to deliver a first-class performance, worthy of a big stage. A few other variations of outfits from the same fabric were presented during the show, elaborating on the tango-inspired theme.

In the second part o the show performance, Jia is joined by professional dancer and choreographer of the show Kirill Burlov. Kirill and Jia performed a very sensual dance. From the start, their dance styles are completely different yet are not conflicting at all. Instead, dancers build upon their strengths and the result is captivating.

Rohmir AW18 collection

We saw a great many classical designs on the catwalk – skirts, trousers, evening and elegant jumpsuits and dresses. Olga Roh is very successful at combining chic with sexuality. Her designs never expose too much while having deep decollates and daring split on skirts.

The bohemian looks – bodycon jumpsuits and two-pieces made of beaded lace, brocade robes and luxurious dresses – were aptly decorated with oversized tassel belts inviting guests to revisit the fashion of cheeky 1920’s flappers. Rohmir made a good use of ostrich feathers incorporating them in short tops paired with long matching skirts, in peach-coloured short jacket paired with beige trousers and as trimming on silk tops. Long skirt and dresses flared from the knee down for a dramatic look is not something you would wear every day. The Autumn Winter collection by Olga Roh aims to provide something to wear for festivities, for pre-Christmas opera and ballet, charity gala dinners, red carpet and dance of course.

The designer showed us one hat this season. Think 1920’s flappers’ style meets Viking pirates. A peachy wool hat was pinned up on the sides and decorated with tassels – a step sidewise from the Spanish hats featured in AW17.

As to the colours, Olga Roh utilises a variety of colours for every taste. From white and pale beige through peach and glittery burnt umber, to golden to navy blue and dark green – all the way to black.

The best-kept secret

Rohmir boutique on Maddox Street, London is the best-kept secret for ‘exclusive’ designs. Rohmir tweed fabrics are produced to Olga’s own drawings at the same fabric factory as Chanel and hand-painted silk is crafted by the same virtuosos that collaborate with Gucci. Yet, Rohmir prices are very competitive.

The garments are manufactured to the highest quality and from the very best natural fabric. And, what is perhaps the most important selling point, you can rest assured that none of your friends, or enemies for that matter, will turn up at the event wearing the same outfit when you are dressed in Rohmir.

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Rohmir AW18 Fashion Show London Fashion Week © Joe Alvarez

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