Tresor Paris Launches Made in England Diamond Jewellery Collection

Hatton Garden’s Diamond Expert Tresor Paris Launches New Made in England Fine Jewellery Collection.

Diamond expert Tresor Paris is situated in Hatton Garden, London and is owned and run by the Hasbani family. With no more than 20 pieces in the range, each piece is handmade in Tresor Paris Greville Street Studio. Rings feature a diamond or emerald centre, set in a single or double halo setting. Dangling diamond earrings utilise modern and neat setting. The centrepiece of the collection – a formidable tennis necklace with diamonds increasing in size towards the front and culminating with a series of diamond pendants set in double halos.

Precious metals used in the new Made in England collection are 18-carat gold and platinum.

Tresor Paris worldwide price guarantee

All the collection is eligible for the Tresor Paris worldwide price guarantee, where GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified stones are used, meaning that prices quoted to clients are guaranteed for at least two weeks globally. Each piece is coming with the Tresor Paris insurance valuation and an authenticity certificate confirming it is Made in Britain. Trevor Paris have their own British hallmark, issued by the London Assay Office.

Prices start at £2,500 and are available from Tresor Paris Greville Street store. Limited stock is also available from Harvey Nichols.

Tresor Paris history of the brand

The Trevor Paris brand was launched back in late noughts as a fashion jewellery range (crystal and silver range). While Tresor Paris is seemingly a very young brand, the family history of diamond experts in Hatton Garden spans all the way back to 1980’s. Salim Hasbani, the owner of Tresor Paris told Ikon London Magazine that the story began with the arrival of his parents to the UK. They migrated from Syria and opened their trade in the diamond district of London.

Tresor Paris fine jewellery collection

Emerald halo in platinum £27,947

Tresor Paris fine jewellery collection earrings

Pear shaped drop halo platinum earrings £11,647

Growing up in London Salim was more interested in art and it took him a while to get into the jewellery and diamond trade himself. When the time was right, he set up his store – Hasbani Diamonds UK – opposite his father’s store. Hasbani Diamonds were dealing mainly with trade clients. According to Salim, they still have about 1200 trade clients around the world who placed an order within the last 12 months. “Some pieces we produce under our own name Tresor Paris. I would have liked it to be the case all the time of course. But some clients will order ‘white-label’ goods, which we also produce.” said the business owner.

The name Tresor Paris owes its inspiration to Salim’s brother in law who is born and bred in Paris. He brought a lot of innovation to the table and so the new brand was born. “At one point, we sold roughly 200 Million of items of fashion jewellery in a year,” said Salim. “So the turnover was seriously competing with our diamond trade which we never left.”

For a while, Tresor Paris and Hasbani Diamonds were trading under one roof as separate entities. “We were debating for a while whether we should join the two under the Tresor Paris brand and eventually we decided in favour. When the question arose whether to open a store in fashionable Knightsbridge or here [Hatton Garden], for sentimental reasons we decided we will stay here.”

White label jewellery to order

The GIA certified diamonds are generally cheaper in the diamond district compared to other areas of London due to high competition. Also because established diamond trade specialists can afford to source diamonds ‘closer to the source’. “For example,” Salim told us, “in order to place an order with miners, they might require a minimum of £20 million a year contract. Small shops just don’t have this volume. They have no choice but to buy smaller amounts from larger diamond traders.”

Tresor Paris fine jewellery hallmark

Tresor Paris fine jewellery hallmark

Salim continued: “Some Knightsbridge and Bond Street stores sometimes also order white label diamond jewellery from us too. They don’t carry our name but we mark them with our hallmark. The ordinary customer wouldn’t know the difference but if there is a wish, these items can be traced to us.”

The pride and longevity play a major role in Tresor Paris business.

Tresor Paris – a serious business

Tresor Paris are members of the London Diamond Bourse which first opened its doors in 1940. Another equally important association that Tresor Paris are members of is The National Association of Jewellers (NAJ). The NAJ was formed in 2015 through the unification of the British Jewellers’ Association (BJA) established 1887, and National Association of Goldsmiths (N.A.G) established 1894. In 2018, Tresor Paris acquired the Made in Britain Marque. The distinctive pin Salim is wearing on his lapel.

Diamond jewellery renovation

Tresor Paris have wealthy clientele from around the world who buy either directly from them or through the network of smaller jewellers. The company also does vintage, estate jewellery renovations, and bespoke jewellery design.

Expect 3 to 5 weeks turnaround. “But if there’s urgency, we can pull some strings and work to the tighter deadline,” admitted Hasbani.

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ANGLE oval 1.52ct fancy intense yellow green w 0.1 ct fancy pink halo & 0.77 ct brilliant outer halo in 18k rose gold POA Tresor Paris Made in Britain

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