Olga Lomaka Pink Magic Private View

The acclaimed contemporary artist Olga Lomaka presented her new collection Pink Magic to the London public last week. The private view, held at the Hellenic Centre – was attended by art critics, VIP’s and art lovers including royal sculptor Frances Segelman, celebrity photographer and publisher Joe Alvarez, model Tamara Orlova-Alvarez, Ukranian Miss Universe Anna Andres, and Russian socialite Dmitriy Chograshi among others.

The champagne was flowing at the private view as guests were invited to view Olga Lomaka’s new art project. The Pink Magic art installation consists of thirteen artworks and – we couldn’t help but notice – has a serious nod to sexuality in Freudian terms.

All thirteen artworks feature the iconic Pink Panther revealing several parts of its body through vesica piscis shaped holes in canvases. The ‘holes’ in outer layers of artworks ‘lure in with a string of magical discoveries’ and promise a sensual pleasure. “Eventually bestowing a new life upon those who would dare to explore them.” Undoubtedly, Lomaka’s new artworks symbolise sexuality, femininity – the womb that begets life and gives pleasure.

In the installation, Lomaka told Ikon London Magazine, Pink Panther symbolises the male force. He emerges in front of the audience through the opening in the construction, above it or even from behind.

This cartoon personage was featured onscreen in the early 1960s and since then has been perceived as a pop icon in the mainstream media.

In developing her discourse on masculinity and femininity, Lomaka transforms a traditional ‘battle of the sexes’ into a joyful play from which both parties derive pleasure.

The Pink Panther takes various imaginable poses and positions around the almond-shaped hole, powerless to escape its magical attraction, revealing his dependence. Only when being joined together – in the artwork called Infinity – and acting together, they achieve the desired catharsis, so evident in joyful emotions of Panther, manifesting it through stars and circles, which inhabit the space inside the cut. Only then, as the artist believes, the ‘pink magic’ happens.

The exhibition in Hellenic Centre continues until 11th March. After that, you can see Olga Lomaka’s Pink Magic at Biennale delle Nazioni, Misericordia Art Complex, Venice, 16 – 27 March 2018 and at Art Fair Miart 2018, Fiera Milano, 13 – 15 April 2018.

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