TV Chef Tonia Buxton Launches New Cookery Book

Celebrities and VIPs have joined acclaimed TV chef Tonia Buxton to mark the celebration of her new book launch – The Real Greek. Sharing platters of sumptuous Greek canapés were served in the Restaurant carrying the same name. Guests enjoyed refreshing Greek wines and Metaxa cocktails as the host of the evening and the face of The Real Greek Restaurant chain in UK Tonia Buxton gave a speech. Attended by celebrities including Zara Holland, Joe Alvarez, Cleo Rocos, Ashley James and Designer David Emanuel among others, the event was about the best in Greek gastronomy.

Model and Love Island star Zara Holland was in good spirit and was happy to share with us how much she loves food and The Real Greek food in particular.

Tonia Buxton has admitted that her fourth book is a response to The Real Greek restaurant customers’ enquiries. “We have a lot of customers who ask recipes of restaurant dishes so that they can prepare them at home, so we decided to share our trade secrets” admitted Tonia, adding of course that if customers don’t have time to cook at home, the doors of the restaurant are always open.

The Greek Food family is convinced that this book will allow anyone who enjoys Greek food to create restaurant standard food in the comfort of their homes, for sharing with friends and family. And as an encouragement to crack on with experimenting at home, every guest walked out with Tonia’s book and artisan Greek goodies – extra virgin olive oil, honey and a little bottle of Metaxa.

All TV Chef Tonia Buxton Books:

  • The Real Greek (2016)
  • Eat Greek for a Week (2015)
  • Tonia’s Greek Kitchen: Travels through ‘My Greek Kitchen’ and ‘My Cypriot Kitchen’ (2012)
  • Have a Baby and Look Better Than Ever: An Holistic Guide to Health and Fitness (2000)


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Tonia Buxton, Zara Holland at the Tonia Buxton cookery book launch © Joe Alvarez

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