The Real Greek Launches New Vegan Menu

Greek cuisine restaurant chain The Real Greek celebrated the launch of its new vegan menu earlier this week. Developed under the patronage of TV chef Tonia Buxton, the menu features some vegan food staples like hummus dips and falafels with a twist – tahini dressing. But the 25-dishes-strong menu has more to offer and goes beyond the ordinary hummus dip and olives. 

Ikon London Magazine team was joined by Tonia Buxton, Joe Wood, Lizzie Cundy, Karen Bryson, Sarah Jane Crawford with boyfriend boxer Joe Joyce, former Made in Chelsea star Rosie Fortescue among others to celebrate the occasion. The great variety of sumptuous canapés at the event meant guests had something for their taste. 

The Real Greek vegan menu platters of cold starters including green pea fav, melitzano salata (smokes aubergine), beetroot and lentil salad, spicy walnut and red pepper dip, santorini fava kicked off the party. A variety of hot maze followed, including: our favourite chickpea filo triangles, grilled aubergine with garlic tomato sauce, jackfruit stifado, gigandes plaki, spinach with gigandes, moussaka, green bean, fennel & tomato and two types of filling souvlaki wraps. A variety of Greek wines and stronger spirits were served to all guests by welcoming staff. 

Just before the dessert was served, TV chef Tonia Buxton gave a speech.

“I often hear that us Greeks eat lamb all the time but this is not actually true. The Greeks invented the veganism, with various vegan fasts including the Great Lent preceding Easter, weekly Orthodox Christian fasts, Apostle’s Fast, Formation Fast and many others, vegan diet makes a big part of Greek cuisine.”

She continued: “The Greek vegan tradition is centuries long – the first philosopher to create a lasting vegan diet is Pythagoras around 550 BCE. We at The Real Greek want to bring you a Vegan menu with both traditional and modern dishes, which we are sure you will enjoy.”

The Real Greek of course, still serves great meat dishes – good news for meat-lovers. The Real Greek have several restaurants in London and England; you can find your nearest one using their restaurant finder:

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