Pam Hogg AW15 London Fashion Week

Pam Hogg represents for me the goddess of intellectual punk. I see in her the complete artist and an established spiritual personality. Otherwise, how could she give so much inspiration, strength and motivation, through her creations? Pam Hogg AW15 collection is yet another testament to her talent.


I wish I could see her brand promoted at a large scale and heavily merchandised instead of all the overpriced glam crap we get at every corner!

The reason behind my anxious dream is the rage against the wave of clueless bimbo glam, which apparently has no end, unless we do something about it. We need punk back in society, we need icons like Pam Hogg! Therefore I am seriously considering, to make a petition inquiring the support of ascending Pam Hogg’s name and creations as a National British Brand. I think we owe that to punk history!Pam_Hogg_AW15_300dpi_009

Our society craves for an attitude of angry social alienation, we need icons to represent that, Pam Hogg we need you!

Getting back to her genius punk creativity, at London Fashion Week AW15, Pam Hogg was clearly one of the most anticipated shows.

With her AW15 catwalk show she managed to set very high standards again, regarding the punk rock trends for the fallowing season.

Celebrities such as Stephen Jones, Noel Fielding and Nick Cave, took their seats on the front row.The raw designer and eternal fashion star, Pam Hogg mesmerised me with the perfect theatrical image.

It all started with a wolf’s howl soundtrack and a petite Red Riding Hood walking with a vacant expression and making the atmosphere uncertain. 

Her style upraised from music, art and history. Pam Hogg also established something that every designer dreams of, her own distinctive and immortal style.

Pam’s spiritual and theatrical revolution at LFW AW15 introduced a soft new romantic Steve Strange inspired look on David Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs” track. 

Her best creations to me, are her catsuits, their rocking design left me breathless while the gothic air from the catwalk took me into another dimension.  That dimension is called freedom. The artist Pam Hogg always wants to take us through her art in a world of freedom.

Her signature oversized headgear always gives a royal accent to her punk soul and also represents the less predictable pieces of her creations. The amazing headgear is the surprise element. In the same surprise element category we can also find the alternative models that she always chooses for her catwalk shows.

Pam Hogg sharpened the mood with deep black latex accents in most of her creations.

She made me feel as if I entered a fairy tale land, with the bright red dresses and floral crown. 

The silver and the gold was another statement of fantasy and freedom of expression.

With raw textures, historical oversized collars and dogs and demons inscriptions she easily brought me back with my feet on rock-and-roll.

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Pam Hogg AW15 © Joe Alvarez

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